Make test case reviews part of your process

Just like how there are code reviews to get a second look at code, we can apply the same thing for test cases. Test case reviews are an effective way to ensure test cases are written properly and have good coverage.

When writing test code, that by default should always be code reviewed. However, the test itself should also be checked to see if it makes sense, if it’s testing the right thing, and if the tests are organized properly.

Here are some benefits of test case reviews:

  • Catch missing test cases
  • Ensure that test cases are clear
  • Verify whether tests are correct
  • Confirm whether everyone is on the same page
  • Spread knowledge

Who can you give your test cases to? Well, pretty much anyone! The product or project manager, the developer who worked on the software or that particular piece, or another tester. Everyone has a different perspective and could hold a piece of the puzzle to help you produce complete and effective test cases.

The next time you write test cases, give them to a colleague to review and only proceed once you’ve received feedback. You do some test case reviews for others, and they do ones for you. It’s a great feedback loop that is sure to strengthen your tests and your team.